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Parking System Design & Installation

Here’s a parking control system we designed for one of our clients. The installation required us to interface the card reader with the existing access control system. High Definition Cameras were added to monitor the parking area along with an intercom for visitors and guests to use to request access from the inside staff using the […]

Weiser Power Bolt with Upgraded Deadbolt

weiser powerbolt with upgraded deadbolt lock

Todays repair is a Weiser Powerbolt Deadbolt that was installed a few years ago. The initial install wasn’t done by us but the installer did a nice job. The lock was installed about 5 years ago and is now not functioning correctly. Weiser was one of the first companies to come out with a residential […]

Installing the KABA Eplex 2000 Push Button Lever Lock

kaba eplex 2000

Today I’m installing the Kaba Eplex 2000 series Push Button Lever Lock on a door leading to the basement. The owners want to stop would be thieves from having access to the lower level. For this application I recommended the Explex 2000. These units are great for adding controlled access to doors which currently have […]

RITE Touch Glass Door Pushbutton Lock…

RITE Touch installed on glass door

Today I’m installing the new RITE Touch electronic push button lock on a glass door. The room is now being used as a child minding area so the door needs to be locked at all times. The RITE Touch is a deadbolt type locking device with 3 bolts that extend into the frame. The lock […]

Repairing a Parking System Card Reader…

Parking Card Reader

Todays job is to repair a parking system card reader. The card reader is not working. There’s a high pitch squeal which indicates that the door controller for the access control system has gone off-line. This is a system we designed and installed back in 1999. Most of the parking equipment was upgraded in 2010. […]

Electric Door Release with Intercom

deadlatch with electric strike and intercom on door

Here’s a job where we installed a deadlatch with interior paddle handle, electric strike and intercom. It’s the entrance to a building with another door inside that has an electric strike and door operator which is connected to the telephone entry system. The exterior door never had a lock installed on it when the building […]