Installing the KABA Eplex 2000 Push Button Lever Lock

kaba eplex 2000

Today I’m installing the Kaba Eplex 2000 series Push Button Lever Lock on a door leading to the basement. The owners want to stop would be thieves from having access to the lower level.

For this application I recommended the Explex 2000. These units are great for adding controlled access to doors which currently have regular type lock and lever sets installed on them. They allow authorized users easy access through the door by pressing a 4-8 digit user code or using a key.

The Eplex Push Button Lever Locks can store up to 100 codes, can be manually set in the unlocked or passage mode
by entering a user code as well as codes can be turned ON of OFF using a pre-defined code. This is ideal for many applications
where between certain hours the door can be unlocked.

The units come with a Schlage C keyway cylinder and 2 keys. Optional replacement cylinders can be supplies for many common lock manufacturers
key-in-knob cylinders. These units are battery operated using 4 AA batteries. Download the pdf files for more info.

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