Telephone Entry System Repair

door-guard telephone intercom system

Today we are repairing a telephone entry system installed on an apartment building entrance.
We initially installed this unit back in 1996. It’s been working fine until now.

The product is the Door-Guard economy series telephone Entry System. They run off low voltage 12VDC and are connected to an analogue phone line.
Each apartment has a code number which when pressed at the intercom dials the residents phone number either a land line or cell phone.

There are 12 units in the building. The tenants complain when guests press their apartment code which buzzes their apartment they can talk with the person at the intercom but when they press let them the in the door doesn’t open.

I open up the unit and test the power supply and fuse which is working. I conclude the electric strike is burned out.

I connect up a new electric strike and test the unit. It works fine. The electric strike I install is
the RCI AS65. Being a wood frame I need to modify the cut out slightly and install a large length face plate. I also install a diode at the strike connection across the + & – terminals to prevent kick back voltage from damaging the on board relay.

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