Weiser Power Bolt with Upgraded Deadbolt

weiser powerbolt with upgraded deadbolt lock

Todays repair is a Weiser Powerbolt Deadbolt that was installed a few years ago. The initial install wasn’t done by us but the installer
did a nice job. The lock was installed about 5 years ago and is now not functioning correctly.

Weiser was one of the first companies to come out with a residential electronic deadbolt lock. When they did everyone thought that keys were on their way out but I don’t think that will ever happen or at least while I’m alive…

Having sold and installed many of these locks over the years I’ve always felt the bolt was far too flimsy and with a few good kicks would bust apart.

When I remove the lock I immediately notice the bolt is the problem. I’ve always liked the electronics portion of these locks unit as they’re easy to use and work well over the long run.

I upgrade the deadbolt portion of the unit to the Uscan D120 Grade 2 UL listed Deadbolt. I install a ton of these locks as they look great and work well for years…

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